Shoulder Update Video

Gas Gas Update from Cole Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.

Click the link to watch the video.

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Bikes for sale

Bikes come with everything pictured, all prices are negotiable.

2007 KTM 250 XC — $3,500

2008 KTM 250 XC –$4,300

2009 KTM 250 XC –$4,950

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The Rangers

My recovery from shoulder surgery eight days ago as been amazingly simple. I’m surprised daily at how fast everything seems to be healing. Now I’m not saying that I’ll be riding my Gas Gas xc250 anytime soon but I really expected things to be more unpleasant than they currently are.

In the mean time, I’m currently watching the rangers game at the Jupiter House coffee shop in Denton. Devon and I aren’t much into baseball but we figured that since there is a chance that the team could go to the world series, we should at least go watch.

On a side note, I have a full set of sxs suspension the will fit any current KTM model 2008-2010. The forks will work on many older bikes as well as the 2011’s. The shock can be modified (shock shaft) to fit a 2011 KTM. Please email me at if you are interested. This suspension is the closest to factory that you can get and it is in great shape.

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Time for a revalve?

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Gas Gas Six Days 250

This bike will be used at most local races as well as for practice for me. I still have a solid three plus months before I can ride but I am so excited about the new 2011 Gas Gas motorcycles that I just can’t help myself. I wanted to show you all the 2011 six days edition from Gas Gas.


Exciting News!!!

I am very excited to announce plans for the 2011 season. I will riding for Gas Gas Offroad.US in the 2011 National Enduro series. I had a chance to ride the xc 250 last week and was very impressed with the bike. I am having surgery on my shoulder tomorrow and will be back 100% for the 2011 season. I will also be a big part of the AirGroup racing team effort at the national enduros and I will have more information on that in the following weeks.
I am really really excited about these changes in my program, I get to work with some great people at Gas Gas and I am very thankful for the opportunity that they have given me. from Cole Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.

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By now I am sure a good bit of you are thinking “does this guy not ride dirt bikes anymore?” I do and I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on what has been going on.

I am still very much into racing and I have some exciting things coming together for the 2011 race season. I will provide more on that topic when the time is appropriate.

In February 2007 I had a silly crash that tore the labrum in my left shoulder. It was very painful and my should did pop out of socket. I visited a doctor the following day and the tear was not large enough to have surgery at the time. Basically, I was released to ride and the doctor told me that when the time comes that it is very unstable and becomes a problem that we would then have surgery.

Fast forward to now, the past two years I haven’t had the best of luck with my shoulder and I have decided to have it fixed this winter. I met with my doctor last Monday and was very pleased to hear that the surgery will be done arthroscopically with a fairly short (for this injury) recovery time.

The biggest reason that most of my pictures and videos recently have been pedal powered is due to the fact that my shoulder is not an issue when I am pedaling. There is so much force on a dirtbike that even when I practice I can feel the head of my shoulder moving around.

I will have my operation October 13th and will be in a sling for a month, followed by three months of intense rehabilitation treatment. I will be back strong and motivated for the 2011 National Enduro Series! Keep checking the blog for pictures and videos as well as exciting news about next years racing season.