Gas Gas Six Days 250

This bike will be used at most local races as well as for practice for me. I still have a solid three plus months before I can ride but I am so excited about the new 2011 Gas Gas motorcycles that I just can’t help myself. I wanted to show you all the 2011 six days edition from Gas Gas.

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3 Responses to Gas Gas Six Days 250

  1. Joseph Roberts says:

    Hey; you think you can handle that young man. You missed a good Time Keeping event in OK yesterday (Crosstember).

    Get well and do not push it, do only what your body will let you do, that saying “no pain no gain” is BS.

    Good luck next year young man.

  2. ktmmojo says:

    Congrats Cole on the GG deal. If it can’t be a KTM then GG is the next best thing.

    I had a question on your bike setup I was hoping you would comment on. In seeing that your over 6′ tall and from watching the videos that I’ve seen of you (in that you like to standup alot). I was curious as to why your bike appears to be setup for someone who’s under 6′ tall. I understand it’s all rider preference but I’m just curious as to why your bike isn’t more stretched out (high seat from EE, lowboy Fastway footpegs, bar risers and a high profile handlebar), for someone who’s as tall as yourself.

    I’ve also noticed other pros like David Knight and Kurt Caselli who appear to be riders that like to stand alot and taller than normal, have a similiar setup. What’s the secret here?

    Good luck with the shoulder surgery and the 2011 season.

  3. KTMMojo,
    You are correct, I do stand up a good bit and I also run a standard setup. I really dislike high bars, low pegs, and a tall seat. I find that for me, it is much easier to corner with lower bars, a standard seat, and standard pegs. That is the biggest reason for my current setup. That’s the secret, not much of one really! This is also the reason that Caselli has the setup that he does, I learned from his setup in 2009 when I was in Georgia.

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