2009: National Enduro Series 5th place, 24 Hours of Perry Mountain Team KTM Overall Winners, Ozark 100 Miler Champion.

2008: National Enduro Series 3rd place, Multi-time national enduro winner, TSCEC Overall Enduro Champion, TORO Overall Champion, Ozark 100 Miler Champion

2007: TSCEC Overall Champion, National Enduro Series 6th place.  ISDE Chile Junior Trophy Team Member Silver Medal, RedBull Last Man Standing 7th Place/DNF

2006: TSCEC Overall Champion, ISDE New Zealand Gold Medal Winner, Red Bull Last Man Standing 14th Place/DNF.

2005: TSCEC Overall Champion, RedBull Last Man Standing Finisher.

2004: TSCEC 2nd place Overall


5 Responses to Accomplishments

  1. great job at Caprock!! you smoked 2nd place…i’m a newbie i got 3rd in Vet C…loved it

    i need advice what are the top guys running mousse or tubliss?

    thanks for any advice if you have time.

  2. I run bib mousses. I can usually get almost a full season out of a set. It is tricky to figure out how to mount them at first but I am planning on posting a how to video on bibs next week. They are a great investment. You don’t have to worry about flats period.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Dick Payton says:

    I have heard that mousses run like a tire with more psi than normal, like around 16, is this true i normally run 9to11 is it a big differance for traction. keep kicking ass

    • At first, when the bib is brand new the tire will feel a bit stiff. This goes away quickly as the foam wears in and you will then have yourself a nice, squishy (9-12psi) feeling tire. It’s the only way to go! When my bibs get too soft and worn out a bit I cut the bib and stuff pieces from my old ones to make them last longer and feel fresh again.

  4. Thanks for the tip about stuffing in cut pieces! They can get expensive. Can you do that for both rear and front? We put together some instructions and video a while back showing the “Offroad Champions tire changer way” with no vise grips needed –

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