KTM 250/300 XC (Depending on event)

Exhaust: FMF SST (300) Factory Fatty (250) with Turbine Core II Silencer

Handguards: Enduro Engineering

Grips: Renthal Kevlar

Handlebars: Renthal Twinwall 921

Tires: Dunlop MX 51

Suspension: KTM SXS (not pictured) Enduro Engineering tuned

Sprocket: Renthal Twinring 51 tooth

Chain: Renthal Gold O-ring

Graphics: Powersports Graphics (

Protection: Enduro Engineering

Lubricants: Motorex

Fuel Tank: Clockwork


19 Responses to Bike

  1. matt says:

    good luck this year, cant wait to see you all out there soon, be safe and god bless

  2. Doug says:


    I just upgraded to a 2008 250xc from a 04 200exc and I am having a bear of a time getting my suspension set. Can you go over your sag and spring numbers on your 250xc?

  3. Congrats on the upgrade! I am about 180lbs and run .46 springs up front and a .69 spring on the rear. For tighter races I will run 38-40 mm of static sag (that’s the bikes sag without the rider). I run 40-42mm of static sag in faster, rougher terrain. For race sag (sag with rider on bike) I run anywhere from 110mm to 115mm of sag. I worry more about the static sag than the race sag. Hope this helps!
    Check out that link as well for more tips.

  4. mike says:

    Hey man, good luck this season! I have an 08 250xc. What did you do for jetting on your 08?

  5. 35 pilot
    168 main
    nozg needle (nozf in colder temps)
    3rd position

  6. michael says:

    hey there hope the seasons going good! is there any way of getting your graphics kit? i really want them but cant find those exact ones


  7. Call the guys at powersports graphics and tell them that you looked at my bike on this site and that you would like the same graphics kit. They will get you taken care of!
    Ride pg : 1-800-903-6764

  8. David Grunklee says:

    Hey Cole…i’m the guy that accidently handed you the alcoholic beverage at LMS a couple years back…sorry!!…:-) Just wanted to say hey, and I agree: CANT WAIT for the new 350!!

  9. David Grunklee says:

    Cole does EE still do your suspension or who?? And whoever does it how is it?? THANKS

  10. Call the guys at EE and they will take care of you!

  11. Robert Glover says:

    Cole –

    I met you and your dad at the spring Goertz Torcs race. I was looking for KTM advice and I got to ride your brothers bike. I ended up with an almost brand new 2008 300 XC and love it but I cannot solve the high speed head shake. High speed braking bumps are truely scary. Sag is 33/112 MM. Forks up in the clamps about .12 in. I put a little tightness in the steering head. Its better but still there. Any real alternative to buying a steeering damper? many thanks for the continued advice.

  12. I would send the suspension off. If that isn’t an option that you want to consider you could do a few other things. Run a longer chain, the longer wheelbase would make the bike more stable. I run 42/115 on sag and my forks at the 1st line from the top. I think you should take a turn or two out of your rear spring and try that.

  13. TAZ Zinszer says:

    Hey Cole,
    I saw you at cycleland, congrats on the overall. I would have won my class but right before the last test I was in 4th gear pinned and my back tire kicked up and ran right into a tree! The tree screwed up my bike so I had to ride the last 14 miles sitting down and holding the radiator on with one hand. But it was still a lot of fun. I got my bike all together and I got a new pipe and graphics. I’m still in first overall in my class. I know your probably really busy but if you ever go to red river or something and would like someone to ride with just let me know. I’m not all that fast but I try! It would be cool to learn some of your techniques. I could get some guys from trail riders in christ to come too, just a thought.
    Later, TAZ 21-675-3130

  14. John Byus says:

    For hard pack courses which tires Brand/Model/Size Front and Back do you run? I’m sure that you run Dunlops..what else do you recommend? Thanks!

  15. Dunlops are the way to go and if you are racing on hard pack you can’t beat the mx 71. It just came out and it works great! You can find more information on that tire here.

    I run a standard 21” front and 18” rear tire. I think its 80/100 and then 110/100 on the rear.

  16. boyscout says:


    I am considering buying a 250 xc for myself. Can you tell me of any improvements of the new model vs. 2010, and what are the factors that involved in your chosing a 300 or a 250 on race day? Thanks for your help.

    • The new model has a six speed transmission and the shock angle has changed. The frame is different as well. I have not had a chance to ride the new model but from what I have been told there is not much difference.

      I prefer the 250 because it is quicker corner to corner in the woods. The 300 doesn’t like to rev near as high and it takes longer for it to pick up and go in tight woods.

      Hope that helps!

  17. David Grunklee says:

    Cole what’s your thoughts on the new 350?? Been riding one??

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